Classroom Policies

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General Policies

~You will be given the number of days you were absent plus one to turn in any missing work. If you miss an assessment, you will be given two school days to make it up. If you are absent the day of a review and return to school on the day of an assessment, you will be expected to take the assessment with the class.
~I will be available Monday through Thursday from 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM and Friday from 7:30 AM - 8:00 AM in room B211. I will also be available after school to those who ask me prior to the end of the school day.
~All required work is due on the specified date. Work turned in one day late will be given a maximum of 50% credit. No work will be accepted more than on day late.
~Each semester grade will be calculated using the weights according to the Lincoln-Way handbook:

Quarter A: 40%
Quarter B: 40%
Final Exam: 20%

Algebra 1 Policies

~Students are expected to come to class prepared everyday. Students should bring a pencil, spiral notebook, graphing calculator (TI-84 Plus recommended), practice workbook, and other relevant materials on a daily basis.
~A student's quarter grade will come from district assessments (80%) and other assessments/evaluations (mini-quizzes, practice sets, etc worth 20%).
~Practice sets must be completed by the due date specified. Any late or incomplete practice set will be subject to the late assignment policy stated above.
~Students must complete one online Homework Quiz before each assessment. These can be found on the Schoology webpage (

Pre-Calculus Honors Policies

~Assessments will be broken down into three categories: Tests, Quizzes, and Homework
~Each category will be given specific weight:

Test: 50%
Quizzes: 30%
Homework: 20%

~No retakes will be given on any assessment.

Calculus Policies

~Quarter grades will be calculated based on total points (not categories)
~POW's are due at the beginning of class on the specified date. You may not turn it in during/after class.
~If you are absent the day a POW is due, you will be given NO additional time to turn it in. Turn it in early or find a way to get it here.
~You may NOT work on non-math homework on review/workdays.
~You may NOT work on a POW in class unless directed to do so; this will result in a zero on it.
~You must complete all assessments during class; no extra time will be given. Working on an assessment after the bell rings will result in a 10% deduction.
~Unless specified to be exact, all answers should be rounded to three decimal places.
~POW's will be scaled according to the chart below:

Raw (27)
Grade (10)

Computer Science Policies

~Homework and other projects will be typed into Microsoft Word files and uploaded to website.
~Homework due dates are specified on the schedules; no late work will be accepted.
~You are expected to download the free program Eclipse to do your Java programming.
~Quizzes will be completed in class on the website.  If you are absent from school that day, you should attempt to take the online quiz from home.